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Oops, I'm Blogging Again

It’s weird to think that I launched my first blog type of site back in 1999. They weren’t called blogs yet, of course, and it was more of a list of links to other things with a few comments thrown in, but it did qualify as a blog by all relevant standards.


If we haven’t yet met, I’m James M Snell, or jasnell pretty much everywhere online (GitHub, Twitter). I work from home in Central California for NearForm, an international technology services company based out of Ireland.

I’ve also been a core contributor to Node.js for a number of years. A few of the things I’ve contributed include the WHATWG URL parser, the HTTP/2 implementation, the Error code API, the perf_hooks / Performance API, the TextEncoder/TextDecoder, the Process warnings API, the fs.promises API, and others. I’m currently working on an implementation of the QUIC and HTTP/3 protocols, and have a few other fun things planned to work on.

What am I going to talk about here?

When I’ve blogged in the past, it has always been focused on my technical work. I plan to stay true to that here as well. I will use this space to talk about current and upcoming work on Node.js, various other open source projects I’m interested in, conferences I may be involved with, and the occasional mention of work my R&D team at NearForm may be working on.

Speaking of which, if you’re doing any React server-side rendering, you really ought to take a look at Dave Mark Clements’ work on esx.

Expect this blog to be opinionated and to include code. My goal will be to post once every couple of weeks tho it might take me a while to get back into a regular groove.

I’m not going to enable comments here on the site because I just simply don’t want to have to deal with comment spam or other nonsense. If you want to comment on anything that I write, just tweet the comment with a mention and I’ll see it.

Where to from here?

Over the next couple of months, what you’re likely to see most from me on this site are posts about QUIC, HTTP/3, Promises and Node.js performance, NodeConfEU (for which I am a co-organizer), and various Node.js features.

The obligatory bit

This blog is a personal space that is not sponsored or endorsed by NearForm. That said, while I can reiterate that everything I write here is my own opinion and does not reflect the official stance of the company, the fact remains that what I say here does reflect back on the company and on other organizations of which I am a part (Node.js for instance). So, while it’s not a perfect fit for use in blogs, I do commit to following the Contributor Covenant Code-of-Conduct when discussing things in this blog. While I do intend to be opinionated here, it is not my goal to be needlessly offensive.